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Upcoming writing competitions

As well as reading and writing these reviews I’m always looking for new inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. So here’s a list of upcoming writing competitions for you to browse.

Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize is for unpublished novels by women over the age of 21. Submit: first 30 pages, plus a synopsis. Judges: Literary agent, Madeleine Milburn, and Dr Lindsey Traub. Prizes: £1,000; shortlisted entrants will be given half hour consultations. Entry fee: £10 per entry, closes 12th March 2014.

Brittle Star creative writing competition (stories and poems) – Prizes in each genre: First £250, Second £100, Third £50. Fee £4 for first entry then £3 subsequent entries. Closing date is 12 March 2014. 2014 Brittle Star subscribers get second entry for free. 

Exeter Writers’ Short Story Competition is open to writers anywhere in the world. Stories up to 3,000 words in any genre except children’s. First prize £500, second £250, third £100, plus publication on their website, and an additional prize of £100 for the best story from a Devon writer.  Entry fee: £5 per story closes 31st March 2014. Website or send SAE to Competition, 202 Manstone Avenue, Sidmouth, UK, EX10 9TL.

Bath Short Story Award – No story theme’; 2,200 word limit. Entry is £8 and prizes range from £50 to £1,000. Closing Date is 31 March 2014.

Short Fiction Journal competition – No restriction on theme. Entry is £10 for up to two stories or £5 for one. First prize is £500, second prize is £100. Closing date March 31 2014.

Writers’ Village Foundation – Debut novelists can win a £500 bursary to have their novel professionally critiqued at the Writers’ Village Foundation. The top eight submissions will also gain personal feedback from the award judge, novelist Michelle Spring. Entry is £12 and the deadline is 31 March 2014.

The Brighton Prize is a new competition for stories of 1,000 – 2,000 words on any subject.  Prizes: £400; 2 x£50. The top three writers will be invited to read their work at the Brighton Fringe Festival, and the top ten will be included in an anthology and will receive tickets to the Brighton Fringe. Entry fee: £6 per story closes 1st April 2014.


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The Future of Short Fiction is Looking Good

Pixel Hall Press Welcomes Queries from Authors of Short Fiction

PHP logo

Pixie Hall Press (PHP), a relatively new, old-fashioned small publishing house that focuses on discovering literary gems and great stories that might otherwise be overlooked; have predicted that the market for short stories and novellas is about to experience a renaissance.

With this in mind PHP have announced  that later this year, in addition to its catalogue of print and eBook novels, it will be launching PHP Shorts, a series of stand-alone short stories and novellas that will be published as eBooks. There is also scope for some PHP Shorts to also be collected into print anthologies.

This small, US-based publisher is looking for highly polished, well crafted stories. More than genre, PHP editors will be considering how compelling the story is, how memorable the characters are, and how the narrative develops while avoiding clichés.

As a small boutique publishing house, PHP can’t offer an advance at this time. But they do claim to offer authors a higher percentage of the profits than is traditional, plus other advantages, including, if the author wishes, creative involvement in publishing decisions.

Before submitting a story to Pixel Hall Press, send  a query email to Info@PixelHallPress.com. Quote my name ‘Gemma Feltham- review blogger’ and your query will get a boost out of the slush pile and into the read soon pile!  Wow the editors with a summary or synopsis, then tell them a bit about yourself. They will respond to all queries, but please be patient, since it may take a few weeks. Also, please understand that, as a small boutique publishing house, they cannot say “yes!” to every query, regardless of how good it is.

Small boutique imprints like Pixel Hall Press are reclaiming the heart and soul of publishing by reviving the idea that a publisher’s raison d’être is to find and nurture great writers, and to provide readers with beautiful, meaningful, truly entertaining and enjoyable books.

Determined to stay small and relevant, Pixel Hall Press will be moving forward slowly and deliberately, adding stories and books from only a handful of new authors each year. In addition, starting in 2014, Pixel Hall Press will publish one or two single-themed short story anthologies annually. A significant portion of the profits from each anthology will be donated to a charity germane to the subject of the book.

Find more information about Pixie Hall Press on their website: http://www.pixelhallpress.com/index.html

© Gemma Feltham April 25 2013


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