Guest Blog Submission

I want to offer as much support to authors, both traditionally published and self-published, as possible. If you’d like the opportunity to be a guest blogger featured on my blog please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Topics: books, reading, publishing, fiction, creative writing, self-publishing and anything in between

Length of post: 250-500 words

Type of content: As you can see from the list above, I am open to any type of contribution across a variety of relevant topics. As long as you consider it of interest to a wide audience who have an interest and involvement in books and reading.

Style of post: There’s no need to be formal. Write the post as if you were addressing your colleagues, friends and family in a normal conversation. Do provide detail but don’t overdo the statistics or cliches. I want posts to come across as easy to read, engaging and  fun where possible!

Additional content: Contributors are encouraged to provide JPEG images and website URLS that can be used as links from their blog post.

Submission form:



Subject of blog post:

Summary of blog post:

Click the ‘contact me’ button to submit your guest blog submission using the subject title Guest Blogger




*Disclaimer: Submissions will be subject to editing to maintain a high standard across the blog, including but not limited to grammar and spelling. Thoughts and opinions will not be removed unless they are overly offensive. Abusive submissions will not be selected. You will be contacted if your submission is chosen to be featured.

© Gemma Feltham April 17 2013

One response to “Guest Blog Submission

  1. jljones411

    Very cool! I submitted a blog!!!

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