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Connect with me to get the very latest quirky quotes and immediate thoughts on what I’m reading, on Facebook, Twitter and now you can follow my interests on Pinterest too:




One response to “Social Media

  1. This is a good idea 😀
    I recently had a couple people contact me through Facebook, because they couldn’t find my email address. 😮 What kind of Blogger am I?!
    I have an AboutMe link in my sidebar, but I don’t think anyone has ever clicked it. It shows links for every account I’m active in.

    I love your background! The vintage SciFi book covers have a great ‘feel’.

    One last thing…
    You teweeted –
    * “I want a #harleyquinn vest/tank top. Cant find one i like don’t want a t-shirt, gap in the market people! Gmmie what i want! #capitalise” 1 month ago*
    In case you’re like me, and post “GIMMIE” on everything neat/cool/wonderful that you see – then here’s a pre-apology for my ‘Derp’.
    If you’re serious, and can’t make it yourself, there will be someone on Etsy who can! You can find anything there! Hell, I found human skin products!! (Not items for, I mead MADE FROM).


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