Shopaholic to the Stars- Sophie Kinsella

Well what can be said of the latest instalment of Becky Bloomwood’s life? I’ve been following Becky’s story for many years now and I always enjoy following her crazy adventurous spirit.

Shopaholic to the Stars is well written, well-paced and is consistent, as I’ve said before these are three things all good books should be. Kinsella’s depiction of Becky Bloomwood truly makes her character and spirit come alive off the page. It’s the kind of world you wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall of.

By chapter 3 I was totally imbedded into Becky’s story. I had become emotionally invested in Becky’s family, friends and life in general, any reader paying attention will find the same- I wanted Becky to prosper and have every positive outcome possible. Kinsella, in my opinion, just has that knack of revealing just enough detail; at just the right time. The surprises are constantly flowing but you never get distracted from the main plot. The minor characters Kinsella interjects throughout add detail and flavour to the story. Shopaholic to the Stars is anything other than predictable.

shopaholic to the stars

The strongest emotion I felt whilst reading Shopaholic to the Stars was frustration. This was a consistent feeling I had- not towards the author, but rather Becky herself. This novel and the subsequent instalment to follow, I expect will prove to be the steepest learning curve for Becky Bloomwood since the very first novel in the series, Confessions of a Shopaholic. There were times I simply wanted to jump into the pages and scream at Becky, maybe shake her round the shoulders a bit! But it certainly says something of the skill of the author when then written word can fuel such a charged emotion for an extended period of time.

The last two chapters are the most dynamic and explosive regarding the plot, but as usual Kinsella delivers a stylish adventure with pizazz and panache. This novel is full of lively characters old and new and compelling plot twists. Stylistically I find most of Kinsella’s novels follow a pattern common to many other novels categorised as ‘chick-lit’; but that doesn’t mean that their not worth reading- far from it! Kinsella’s style is easy to read, almost conversational, if you haven’t got a lot of time to read, or like to read in short bursts Kinsella is a writer you should definitely try.

I wouldn’t say this is the ideal novel to read as a stand-alone. It would definitely provide a better experience for the reader if you were to start from the beginning of the series; which is something I sincerely recommend you do (don’t just watch the terrible movie and then think you can pick up the story from Shopaholic to the Stars)!

Overall Shopaholic to the Stars is an enjoyable read, but admittedly I’m not a fan of the cliff-hanger ending Kinsella leaves you with. Now don’t panic Kinsella is already promoting the next instalment so I’ll be reviewing that as soon as possible, but for now we’ll all just have to wait!

© Gemma Feltham 17 July 2015


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13 responses to “Shopaholic to the Stars- Sophie Kinsella

  1. bookloverbabbles

    I’ve read 2 books from this series, and though I don’t remember too much about them I can say they were enjoyable. Great review!


  2. I love this Kinsella series! I think I’ve got all of them up until Shopaholic and Baby. I first got into her novels when my mum bought the Undomestic Goddess. It was absolutely hilarious and if you love Kinsella, definitely give it a read. My mum didn’t even see it from the day she bought it as I read it, but she got it back after two days ’cause I couldn’t put it down! Kinsella seriously makes me laugh and is so light-hearted.


  3. Completely agree with this – every Shopaholic book frustrates me like crazy, and that’s what makes Kinsella such a good writer, yes the books are beach reads but they are interesting and engaging, and you really do find yourself rolling your eyes or fuming at Becky. Was slightly amazed by the cliff hanger myself but who knows, perhaps the next book will be a different style altogether…


  4. i love your blog and your reviews! if you have time, i would love it if you could check out my blog. thanks! 🙂


  5. Charlotte Rose

    You’ve made me want to begin this series (slow on the bandwagon I know!)


  6. lovely review. Sounds like the perfect read for a wet sunday afternoon, wrapped up by the log fire, drinking coffee and eating chocolate digestives


  7. The Whisper Corner

    Great Review, I’ll probably end up coming here looking for great reads so thanks! 🙂


  8. I’m currently reading “Shopaholic to the stars” and I’m totally of your opinion.


  9. I had a really hard time deciding if I should read these books, but now I definitely will. Great review.


  10. I agree with many of your comments, and had hoped Becky would learn, but I was thoroughly enjoying the book and looking forward to Kinsella’s ability to swing the events around at the end of the book. I think that’s why I was so disappointed that there was a cliffhanger. It felt the book was stopped to stay with the usual length of a Shopaholic book, rather than completing the story. The book lost tension by having to wait for a sequel…and I’m not sure I’ll be rushing out to buy it as I usually would.

    In the main, I love Shopaholic books, and enjoy the awkward tension of Becky’s head-in-the-sand decision making. My favourite Kinsella book is ‘Can you keep a secret?’ – it makes me laugh every time.


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