A Jaime Buckley Giveaway- Winners Announcement

Prelude to a Hero

After having the pleasure of reading Prelude to a Hero by fantasy author Jaime Buckley, I wanted to give you my lovely readers the opportunity to enjoy Buckley’s work as much as I did. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, those who didn’t win please do give Jaime Buckley’s work a try.

Up for grabs:

  • Prelude to a Hero (Chronicles of a Hero #0.5)
  • Race to Til-Thorin (Chronicles of a Hero #1)
  • Trench Wars (Chronicles of a Hero #2)
  • Demoni Vankil (Hobin Luckyfeller’s Fieldguide #1)
  • Bloodsticks (Hobin Luckyfeller’s Fieldguide #2)


  •  5 Books as a grand prize: crowleycreations
  • 3 choices for 2nd place: Maria M
  • 2 choices for 3rd place: Michelle Wilczewski

Congratulations I hope you enjoy reading these wonderful chronicles!

Happy reading!



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3 responses to “A Jaime Buckley Giveaway- Winners Announcement

  1. nancydesire

    Sounds intersting


  2. Really enjoyed reading this – from one book lover to another, keep on blogging!

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