The Ragnarok Conspiracy- Erec Stebbins

I found The Ragnarok Conspiracy to be an instantly intense, gripping and compelling novel. Right from the start the intensity is high and the pace fast.

John Savas himself fuels the momentum as he is the most intense character I’ve come across in a while. With each chapter more of Savas’ background and personality is revealed to the reader. The elements that make up John Savas are revealed at a pace that is almost- but not quite, as fast as the plot.

First impressions are that it is well written, there’s good and interesting dialogue between the characters, the geographical location can be hard to pin down at times, mostly due to the fast pace- but I was able to keep better track of the characters as they were introduced and their relationship to Savas. Stebbins has clearly put a lot of time and effort into creating believable backgrounds for his characters.

the ragnarok conspiracy

The Ragnarok Conspiracy trailer

As the plot thickens and Stebbins introduces Norse mythology into the mix and my interest was certainly piqued- the first mention of Thor and his hammer Mjolnir, and you’ve got me hooked. As the reader learns more about the Norse legends and their connections to the anti-Islamic attacks you can’t help but be sucked into the novel even further.

For sensitive readers, the scenes depicting the brutal and destructive bombings might remind them all too much of the events of 9/11. But in truth this would also only liken them towards Savas and his team. For readers with a love of conspiracy theories this definitely a novel for them, but any reader with an ounce of curiosity would enjoy delving into the chapters of The Ragnarok Conspiracy.

Part two of this novel finally sees the relationship between Rebecca Cohen and John Savas evolve, and with that the reader also receives a much deeper insight into both characters. Until this point I have to say the plot development has far exceeded the reader’s knowledge or understanding of Savas’ character; as Stebbins choose to reveal very little and not very often prior to this point. It is also in part two that the reader is offered an intriguing insight into the organisation behind the events of the novel. This just had me gripping my Kindle as I eagerly drank in every word about the global terrorists at large.

Stebbins makes fantastic use of his characters to drive the pace of his novel. As much as he allows the momentum and intensity to build up, he also takes time to give both his characters and readers a breather from the hectic plot and fast pace; by giving the reader scenes such as those tender moments between Savas and Cohen. In part three the momentum really explodes, staying as equally thrilling and gripping as the previous chapters.

Overall The Ragnarok Conspiracy may discuss some controversial topics and political issues, but Stebbins works hard to bring his readers face to face with the true evils in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Ragnarok Conspiracy and though in my opinion this is a book for an adult reader.

© Gemma Feltham 26th September 2013

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  1. Wow dude!!!!i’m seriously gonna grab that book up!!! The way you have this review is just making me crazy!!!!! Kudos!!


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